The station is active.
Location: Jacobi Hospital 1400 Pelham Parkway South, Bronx NY 10461
Contact Person: Lionel Zuckier MD

Sometime around March 27th 1999 the RM-60 was moved slightly closer to the brick wall.

June 8th 1999 the RM-60 was moved from outdoor to inside (lower level office location adjacent to window). Since that time, spikes due to isotope manipulation became more apparent with the lose of shield effect provided by the outside wall.

On November 15th 2001 painters unplugged the station's 200LX. The station was restarted November 20th 2001.

Just before midnight June 5th 2002 a higher source of radiation was detected. This lasted for ten minutes and could have been due to a source removal from a shielded location.

The first part of August 2002 the RM-60 and 1000CX were moved to another room further away from the area where isotope manipulation occurs and therefore the radiation spikes no longer appear in the data.