Aware Electronics Corp. LCD-90 Pro Firmware Updates

Following is a list of firmware updates for the LCD-90 Pro. To find the LCD-90 's current firmware version, turn the LCD-90 on by pushing the On-Off button. The LCD-90 will show a startup message and then will begin displaying the radiation level. The startup message is as follows: First "STARTUP" is displayed, the RM is powered up and the LCD-90 searches through its flash memory building file pointers. Next "AWARE ELECTRONICS V29H" scrolls where V29H is the version. Note if the USB cable is plugged in, the LCD-90 will cut short the "AWARE ELECTRONICS V29H" scroll and instead display "USB ON".

If you have an older version firmware and would like to update it, return the LCD-90 to Aware Electronics Corp. and we will program it with the latest firmware. E-mail or phone us for instruction on how to return the LCD-90 for firmware updates. The service is free. If you desire to update the firmware yourself, e-mail Aware and we will send you the exact instructions.

V2.9H, dated 09/39/2014 corrects a menu selection omission. Since version V2.6G, which added an additional menu item to LCD-90, the instrument would not display the last menu item "ERASE FLASH" menu item erases the main memory flash freeing all the internal memory for storing of new radiation data files. This wasn't much of a problem for users since they can erase the flash memory by-way-of a menu item in Aw-Radw or by sending ASCII control characters to the LCD-90. V2.9H corrects this omission.

V2.9G, dated 06/04/2014 improves the LCD-90's menu accelerator feature making it easier to change numbers in the various menus. V2.9G also corrects a small error in the floating point routine. The routine is used to generate the numbers seen on the LCD display and also the ASCII numbers sent to an external terminal program through the USB or serial port. The error displayed numbers with decimal digits consisting of 99, for example 5000.99 as 4999.00. This error had no effect what-so-ever over all other aspects of the firmware including alarms, flash storage files, binary output to Aw-Radw, etc.

V2.9A, dated 01/16/2014 improves the LED event flash and PC sound click.

V2.8G, dated 11/03/2013 adds floating point alarm level.

V2.6G, dated 09/15/2013 adds user selectable precision floating point number display with three digit decimal precision including automatic rounding. Allows, for example, a CPS or CPM running average with values incrementing in units of 1/1000th of a CPS or CPM, on the display, or, with a microR/hr or microSv/hr running average, in units of 1/1000th of a microR/hr or microSv/hr. (The LCD-90 Pro includes a built in display with six decimal points). The update also allows calibration factors in units of 1/1000th the previous version's factors and deadtime correction in units of 1/1000th of a microsecond versus one microsecond with the previous version. A new DECIMAL menu item has been added to support the new decimal precision feature. Our PC program Aw-Radw has also been updated to support these additional features.

ASCII input-output to any program capable of reading and writing ASCII data from a COM or USB port (for example Window's free Hyper-Terminal)has also been greatly improved, allowing real-time and flash memory download with deadtime and calibration factors applied, in any of the supported radiation units, as-well-as the three digit decimal precision. Even accepts ASCII commands as it is downloading ASCII data.

V2.6G also adds a new feature that works in conjuction with a new feature added to the Aw-Radw Windows program, namely, "Send LCD-90 or USB-MSP Alarm Signal On-Off" allows Aw-Radw's sophisticated alarm algorithm to activate the LCD-90's alarm, overriding its internal alarm, even over a wireless (radio) connection. The Aw-Radw menu option opens a pop-up menu with two options, namely "Send LCD-90 or USB-MSP Alarm Signal with Aw-Radw's High Alarm" and "Send LCD-90 or USB-MSP Alarm Signal with Aw-Radw's Low Alarm" They can be checked or un-checked by clicking on them. If either are checked, then, when Aw-Radw is using the LCD-90 as a real time data source, it will send a command to the LCD-90 telling it not to use its internal alarm system to activate its alarm, but rather, activate its alarm only when Aw-Radw sends it an alarm command i.e. when Aw-Radw enters an alarm state. The alarm actions carried out by the LCD-90 depend upon the "Alarm's Action Settings".

When both menu options are un-checked, or when Aw-Radw is not using the LCD-90 as real time data source, then the LCD-90 will default back to using its own internal alarm system.

V2.6G also adds the following ASCII commands:

. (period character) allows setting the LCD-90's decimal precision i.e. the number of digits to the right of the decimal point.

[ character tells the LCD-90 not to use its internal alarm system to activate its alarm, but rather, only activate the alarm when signaled to do so by the command letters '!' and ',' (see below).Note: This mode is automatically canceled when the LCD-90 exits ASCII real-time mode.

] cancels the above i.e. tells LCD-90 to use its internal alarm instead.

! character tells the LCD-90 to activate the alarm, including the alarm output pins as per the user settings.

, (the comma character) tells the LCD-90 to deactivate the alarm.

See online manual.

V2.5A, dated 12/06/2012 includes a small update. The LCD-90ís menu system has been updated such that when pushing the Menu button, the last menu item displayed (if any), is re-displayed, instead of starting over from the top of the list of menu items. Turning the LCD-90 Off then On resets the next menu item to the top of the list.

V2.4B includes two new features. Regarding CONTROLLING AND GATHERING DATA FROM THE LCD-90 IN ASCII FORMAT USING OTHER PROGRAMS we added the following ASCII command:

P causes LCD-90 to immediately send the same number that is being displayed on the LCD-90ís display, followed by the tab character, followed by the UNIX time code, followed by carriage-return line-feed.

Also added is the following feature:

A note about the LCD-90's clock display when its internal UNIX time code is set to less than or equal to 1000000000 (Sat Sep 08 21:46:40 2001):

To match Aw-Radw's method of cancelling out any effect of variation between local time and GMT, the clock display routine within the LCD-90 first subtracts 18000 from its internal UNIX time, before the clock routine displays the time, as-long-as the UNIX time is greater than 1000000000 (Sat Sep 08 21:46:40 2001). If the LCD-90ís UNIX time code is set to less than 1000000000, the clock display routine will not subtract the 18000. This allows a clock display that starts at zero hrs. zero minutes, zero seconds when its internal UNIX time code is set to zero.

V2.3B corrected the following: When turned off, the LCD-90 left the Geiger "click" circuit powered up such that one might hear Geiger clicks even if the LCD-90 was turned off.

Also corrected the following: When turning off the LCD-90, if one did not release the On-Off button very soon after the LCD-90 turned off, it would turn on again. This has been corrected such that one has at least one second to release the On-Off button, after the LCD-90 turns off, before it will turn on again.

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