Aware Electronics Corp. High Flux Monitors.

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Aware Electronics line of High Flux X-ray and Gamma ray detectors are based on the RM-60 microR monitor, but the standard RM-60 GM tube is replaced with a much smaller GM tube for response to X-ray and Gamma ray flux levels as high as 50 R per hr.

Below are graphs generated during a test of our RM-2406 Monitor ($198) which includes a tube with a response of 22 CPM per Milli R per hr. (Cesium 137).

The test was carried out by placing 99m-Tc near the monitor for several days. The decay curve generated demonstrates the excellent linear response.

Animated Aw-Graph showing normal and semilog plot with flux levels from 1.4 R per hr. to background

RM-2406 Flux Response Graph

RM-2406 Flux Response

RM-2406 Flux Response Spreadsheet Graph

RM-2406 Flux Response

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