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Reach us by phone (800)729-5397 or phone/fax (302)655-3800 or Email

Aware Electronics Corp.
P.O. Box 4299, Wilmington DE 19807 USA

Makers of PC based and stand alone Geiger Counters, Radiation-Radon Monitors, as well as other monitors for use with PCs plus easy to use software for those interested in the quantum side of nature.

All our products are made in the USA. Incorporated in 1989, Aware Electronics has been designing and building radiation monitors for over twenty years. During that time we have perfected many aspects of the radiation monitors as-well-as the software.

Geiger Counter Radiation Monitor: Aware Electronics Corp. RM-80 plugged into our LCD-90 Pro Micro-Controller Data-Logger

Geiger Counter

Real time graphs, including Radon daughter products, generated and uploaded to this website automatically by Aw-Radw:
(Note 1µSv = 100µR standardized to Cesium 137)
(These graphs updated Mon Feb 19 02:18:30 2018 East Coast US time)
Last Six Hours Expressed in µSv/hr.
Radon Fleas in Basement

24 Hour Graph

Radon Fleas in Basement

7 Day Graph

Radon Fleas in Basement

28 Day Graph

Radon Fleas in Basement

365 Day Graph

Radon Fleas in Basement

Remote site at Chadds Ford PA using our new transfer over internet software by-way-of's internet server:

Chadds Ford PA

  • Chadds Ford PA

    Click here to see real-time data auto-uploaded to COSM - Pachube by Aware's Aw-Radw program:
  • Aw-Radw auto-feeding real-time data to COSM - Pachube
    Note COSM recently changed their name to xively and now Internet Explorer doesn't display the graphs.
    With Google Chrome, the graphs display but only if one clicks Channel "1" or "2".

    Click here for an example of using Aw-Radw to download stored data from a LCD-90

    Note the above link uses Windows Media Player to play the video. If you are using Google's Chrome browser, it might block Windows Media Player until you click the red X at the top right of the browser window.

    (Example uses RM-G90 to LCD-90 flash memory, downloaded through LCD-90's USB port by Aw-Radw to a binary file and an ASCII file for spreadsheet. Video starts with LCD-90 acting as real-time source for Aw-Radw with a TBU (Time Base Unit) of 2 seconds, through its USB port. Meanwhile LCD-90 is also storing data to its internal Flash memory with a TBU of 60 seconds. Aw-Radw's real time collection is stopped and then the stored data from the LCD-90 is downloaded.

    The Summary Window displays various parameters including a running average of all the points as they are downloaded, the date and time of the first occurrence and the last occurrence of the maximum radiation level as-well-as the minimum radiation level. The ASCII data is then loaded into a spreadsheet. Some Aw-Radw's graphing features are also displayed. Meanwhile the LCD-90 continues to add more data to its Flash memory. Note the PC that generated the demo is also simultaneously running two additional copies of Aw-Radw, in minimized windows, which are collecting data from two additional RMs and generating all the real-time graphs seen throughout Aware’s website. During the experiment the OS system time switched from DST to standard time)

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